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Research Assistant

ZymoChem seeks a research assistant to join and assist its R&D team. As a member of the startup company, you will have an opportunity to build a game-changing technology from the ground up. Specific responsibilities for this position include helping the team with constructing plasmids, generating knockout strains, conducting protein expression and purification studies, performing in vitro enzyme activity assays, setting up cell culture studies, and working with analytical instruments. Additional duties will include maintaining an organized laboratory environment as well as the consumables & chemicals inventory. This position may be either a full-time appointment or a part-time position (~20 hours/week) with the possibility to convert into a full-time appointment. If this position aligns with your career aspirations, please send your resume to and include “Application for Research Assistant Position” in the subject line of the e-mail. ZymoChem is an equal opportunity employer. 


  • Progressing towards or completion of a BS or BA in molecular biology, chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, bioengineering, or a related discipline.
  • Experience with molecular biology techniques such as PCR, plasmid DNA purification, PCR primer design, cloning, and agarose gel electrophoresis.
  • Experience with enzyme expression techniques such as enzyme expression, purification, SDS-PAGE, and Western Blot analysis.
  • Experience with carrying out enzyme activity assays in plate-based formats.
  • Ability to maintain a well-organized laboratory notebook.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Prior experience in a startup environment a plus.


ZymoChem seeks a scientist to join its R&D team. As a member of a young startup team you will have the opportunity to build a game-changing technology from the ground up. This requires an entrepreneurial-level initiative, the ability to demonstrate scientific leadership, and probably working a bit more than regular hours. Your primary responsibility will be to engineer microbes by incorporating novel biosynthetic pathways. Additionally, you will also be a part of other efforts directed towards furthering ZymoChem's technology. An ability to effectively communicate and work with a team in a fast-paced environment is crucial. If this fits your career goals, please apply below or submit your CV and cover letter to We are looking for candidates to start immediately. ZymoChem is an equal opportunity employer. 


  • PhD in molecular biology, chemical engineering, biochemistry, bioengineering or a related discipline.
  • Proven high-impact publications and achievements.
  • Proven expertise in engineering E. coli and/or yeast.
  • Excellence in building and testing metabolic pathways for the production of chemicals.  
  • Expertise in state-of-the-art techniques for gene knockouts and other genome engineering techniques.
  • Experience in -omics techniques for analyzing/optimizing pathway fluxes.
  • Experience in carrying out lab-scale microbial fermentations and operating bioreactors (1-10L) is a plus. 
  • Experience with high-throughput enzyme expression, engineering, and activity screening a plus.
  • Prior experience in a startup environment a plus.


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